Service status

Backtests executed: 210268
Resolution: 5 minutes
Loaded symbols:

  • SPX: 2010-05-14 - 2024-06-19
  • RUT: 2012-01-01 - 2024-06-19
  • VIX: 2012-01-01 - 2024-06-19
  • BTCUSD: 2019-06-01 - 2024-06-19
  • ETHUSD: 2019-06-01 - 2024-06-19
  • SOLUSD: 2022-05-09 - 2022-12-30
Data vendors: MesoSim version: 2.11.36-0-g8ad8b05

  • Forward test:
    run job definition real time and notify about trades
  • VIX known bugs: (fixes are in progress)
    IV, IVRank and IVPct values are not accurate and sometimes has missing values.
  • SPX Root change:
    Due to regulatory changes in SPX the positions initiated before and held after 2017. 05. 01. is wrongly modeled. The position will exit as if were prices were all 0.
    Workaround: Exclude the given date from the backtest by splitting up the time period to a before and an after part.
  • Account variables during Entry.VarDefine setting:
    The account variables are not available during the Entry.VarDefine setting.
    Workaround: Schedule an UpdateVar event after entry to access the respective variables.
  • Variables in ExitPosition TradeEvent:
    The variables stored during ExitPosition Blotter Event are reflect the last known state when the legs were on.
    Therefore, the reported price and pnl values are excluding slippage and commission.
    Workaround: Incorporate slippage and commission via Exit.VarDefine settings.
  • The following Open Source libraries were used in the development of this platform:
    • Radzen - Copyright (c) 2018-2023 Radzen Ltd - MIT License
    • QuantLib - Copyright (c) 2000-2023, Licensors. - License
    • QuantStats - Copyright (c) Ran Aroussi - Apache 2.0 License
    • Plotly.NET - Copyright 2016-2022 Kevin Schneider, Timo Mühlhaus - MIT License
    • Plotly.Blazor - Copyright (c) 2020 LayTec AG - MIT License
    • TALib.NETCore - Copyright (c) 1999-2008 Mario Fortier - BSD 3-Clause license
    • NLua - Copyright (c) 2023 Vinicius Jarina ([email protected]) - MIT License
    • Svelte JSONEditor - Copyright (c) 2020-2023 by Jos de Jong - ISC License
    • Voyager 2 - Copyright (c) 2015, University of Washington Interactive Data Lab. - License
    Thanks for all the authors and contributors: we feel privileged to build top on your work!
        v2.11.36: ENH: Add DeleteMode=Details to API Endpoint (#544)
        v2.11.35: MAINT: Clear caches on Dispose
        v2.11.34: FIX: Handle subs with trials
        v2.11.33: FIX: Send email on first sub (#542)
        v2.11.32: ENH: Brevo Welcome mails (#541)
        v2.11.31: MAINT: Rework user state management (#540)
        v2.11.30: MAINT: Merge BacktestResults with BacktestAnalytics table (#539)
        v2.11.29: FIX: Dispose DbDataProvider's caches (#538)
        v2.11.28: FIX: Do not report error on events related to deleted backtest (#536)
        v2.11.27: MAINT: Use site-wide plotly config at Backtest Details page
        v2.11.26: FIX: Qty=0 handling in crypto commission (#533)
        v2.11.25: ENH: Expose Lua math functions: log10, exp and var pi (#531)
        v2.11.24: ENH: Show all legend values while hovering on Backtest Position Monitor plots (#529)
        v2.11.23: MAINT: Switch over to new protocol between Backend and Portal (#527)
        v2.11.22: ENH: Handle weird one-sided quotes (bid=0, ask>0.15 on spx) (#521)
                  FIX: Use MarkPrice with AtBidAsk model (#522)
                  FIX: MarkPrice becomes Mid with AtBidAsk FillModel when Qty=0 (#525)
                  FIX: Do not include the open leg's closing commission in the running pnl (#526)
        v2.11.21: MAINT: Ability to continue file parsing when line is unsupported
        v2.11.20: ENH: Try to upload all files even where there is a failure
                  ENH: Upload file order based on file size
        v2.11.19: ENH: Indicate backtest status in Backtest Analytics Endpoint
        v2.11.18: FIX: Increase transfer timeout to accomodate larger runs
        v2.11.17: FIX: Use previous NAV when data is missing in Event Log (#516)
        v2.11.16: FIX: ONE Export datetime conversion failure in 2015-01-02
        v2.11.15: FIX: PMLike Margin calculation support LegSelectionConstraint=None (#514)
        v2.11.14: ENH: Do not issue HTTP request on External Data cache hits (#513)
                  FIX: PMLike Margin calculation missing IVs (#512)
        v2.11.13: ENH: Expose sharing settings to API (#509)
        v2.11.12: PERF: Disable query tracking in data provider (#507)
                  BLD: Add dotnet-dump to docker images 
        v2.11.11: FIX: Dispose Lua resources (#506)
        v2.11.10: PERF: Improve backtests view load time (#505)
        v2.11.9:  FIX: Remove lingering file
        v2.11.8:  ENH: Optimizer prepration (#504)
                  FIX: ChatGPT Dialog close event
        v2.11.7:  FIX: tearsheet periods per year calculation (#503)
        v2.11.6:  ENH: Make Tearsheet generation optional (#502)
        v2.11.5:  ENH: Extend MesoSim APIs (optimizer prep)
        v2.11.4:  MAINT: Spring Sale ended
                  FIX: Show requirements when clicking ChatGPT
                  FIX: Remove extra spacers from NavMenu
        v2.11.3:  FIX: Lower/Upper bound printout in Margin Report page
        v2.11.2:  FIX: Use HouseMultiplier in PMLike margin model (#497)
                  FIX: Margin Report where max is 0
        v2.11.1:  ENH: Spring Sale 2024 (#496)
        v2.11.0:  ENH: Position Monitor General availability 
                  ENH: PositionMonitor parameters to SimSettings (#494)
                  ENH: VIX becomes stable
                  ENH: Add PMLike Margin Model (#487)
                  ENH: Bootstrap Risk-Free-Rate from option chain (#490)
                  ENH: MesoSim ChatGPT 
        v2.10.63: FIX: Split up deribit subscription to chunks
        v2.10.62: FIX: Increase Deribit Streamers timeout (take 2)
        v2.10.61: FIX: Increase Deribit Streamers timeout
        v2.10.60: FIX: Set vars of settled/removed legs to 0 (#485)
                  FIX: Leg Table Render in Simple Run when new leg is added (#486)
        v2.10.59: FIX: Rendering when switching to HD Risk Graph in Simple Run (#484)
        v2.10.58: ENH: Risk Graph v2 in Simple Run and Job Editor (#478)
                  ENH: 3D and HD Risk Graphs in Job Run (#479)
                  ENH: Capture Risk Graph on entry (#480)
                  ENH: Move to Prev/Next Position Buttons in Position Monitor
                  ENH: Add VIX prices to BacktestPositionMonitor (#482)
                  PERF: Downscale Backtest Position Monitor charts (#481)
                  MAINT: Remove QLNet dependency
                  FIX: Larger 3d Risk Graph in Position Monitor
                  FIX: Range calculation for Risk Graphs (#483)
        v2.10.57: FIX: Add missing release notes for v2.10.56
        v2.10.56: ENH: Add leg_LEGNAME_bid and leg_LEGANME_ask variables (#477)
                  FIX: Enable referring to expired/removed leg variables in Conditional Adjustments (#476)
        v2.10.55: ENH: Add underlying price to Backtest Position Monitor
                  ENH: Use splitter in Backtest PositionMonitor
                  FIX: Better title for EMA PnL series
        v2.10.54: ENH: HD Risk graph in Backtest Position Monitor (#475)
        v2.10.53: MAINT: Unify security service
        v2.10.52: ENH: Bump External Data's Max CSV Size to 2MB
        v2.10.51: ENH: Use correct RiskFreeRate in Risk Graphs (#474)
        v2.10.50: FIX: Support stepping in strikes in Backtest Position Monitor
        v2.10.49: FIX: Remove variables for legs which are settled (#473) 
        v2.10.48: ENH: 3D Graphs in Backtest Position Monitor (#472)
                  ENH: Add last sample of day to Backtest Position Monitor
                  FIX: Stop Slider flickering (take 2)
        v2.10.47: PERF: Performance improvements on risk graph rendering
                  FIX: Flickering in Slider change
        v2.10.46: FIX: Add missing file to build
        v2.10.45: ENH: Higher frequency RiskGraphs (#469)
                  FIX: Indicator validation values
                  FIX: Relogin when MesoAuth cookie is present
        v2.10.44: FIX: Guest user in backtest detail page crash
        v2.10.43: ENH: Keep users logged in after browser restart
        v2.10.42: ENH: Backtest Position Monitor private beta
        v2.10.41: FIX: Show backtest name in every tab at backtest details page
                  FIX: Use external data in Expiration selection
        v2.10.40: FIX: Scrolling in Variables browser and Variables list
        v2.10.39: MAINT: Add VIX as feature flag (#464)
        v2.10.38: FIX: Take into account multiple intraday samples in Portfolio Metrics (fixes sharpe in randomized entrytimes / 5min intervals) (#457)
                  FIX: Allow moving legs defined with AddLegAdjustment (#459)
                  FIX: Settlement with legs where prices are missing (#458)
                  FIX: Reduce SPX availability from 2010. Prior to that date strike selection is unreliable
        v2.10.37: ENH: Auto relogin on service restart (#455)
                  ENH: Define variables even when Entry.AbortCondition is met (#454)
                  FIX: Increase backtest job name to 250 chars
                  FIX: remove mesosim prefix from version
        v2.10.36: MAINT: Merge mesosim and mesolive repositories (#453)
        v2.10.35: FIX: css location for the updated namespace
        v2.10.34: MAINT: Move projects under mesosim namespace prefix (#452)
        v2.10.33: FIX: Exclude data points from charts with missing data (#451)
        v2.10.32: ENH: Look back 5,10,15 minutes to fill missing data (#450)
                  ENH: Use last known value when underlying missing (#449)
                  FIX: Use last known price in LegPnL calculation (#448)
                  FIX: Order strikes based on the StrikeSelector target (#447)
                  FIX: Do not cache BidAsk=0 as last valid price (#446)
                  FIX: Extend force liquidation threshold on intraday missing data (#445)
                  FIX: Allow reusal of Expirations in AddLegsAdjustment (#444)
        v2.10.31: PERF: Compress results (#443)
                  MAINT: Remove Black Friday deals
        v2.10.30: FIX: Styling on small screens (pt2)
        v2.10.29: FIX: Styling on small screens
        v2.10.28: FIX: Remove spacers to show Account in NavMenu
        v2.10.27: ENH: Black Friday deals
        v2.10.26: ENH: Move from to
        v2.10.25: ENH: Start MesoLive private beta
        v2.10.24: ENH: Update Site-News
        v2.10.23: ENH: Add RobotWealth deal (#441)
                  FIX: Use abs in ShortStrangle-Adjusting (#440)
                  FIX: Only show VariablesDefined event if variables present (#442)
        v2.10.22: MAINT: Upgrade dependencies (#439)
        v2.10.21: ENH: Enable setting Concurrency dynamically (#437)
                  ENH: Add VariablesDefined event (#436)
                  ENH: Extra safety in exchange hours calc (#435)
                  FIX: PageTitle was not set after upgrade (#438)
        v2.10.20: FIX: Always show login button (#434)
        v2.10.19: FIX: migration related startup issues (#433)
        v2.10.18: ENH: Switch to MesoLive for internal testing (#427)
                  MAINT: Upgrade dependencies (#429 & #431)
        v2.10.17: PERF: Render backtests page at once
        v2.10.16: PERF: Reduce loaded data on site open
        v2.10.15: ENH: Site News (#424)
                  PERF: Improve site load speed (#422)
                  DOC: Getting Started guide (#423)
        v2.10.14: PERF: Reduce CLS
        v2.10.13: FIX: Serve all static files
        v2.10.12: PERF: Improve site caching (#421)
        v2.10.11: ENH: Further reduce initial columns show in backtests page (#420)
        v2.10.10: FIX: missing favicon
        v2.10.9: ENH: New Logo! (#415)
        v2.10.8: ENH: Extend RemoveLegAdjustment to RemoveLegsAdjustment (plural) (#414)
        v2.10.7: ENH: Add new trades to Strategy Library
        v2.10.6: ENH: Enable sharing failed backtests (#413)
        v2.10.5: MAINT: Remove Sale Banner
        v2.10.4: ENH: WeekendEffect template from Short Put to Short Strangle (#411)
                 FIX: Evaluate Complex Selector's Target before other Contracts (#410)
        v2.10.3: FIX: Handle when no pos_pnl exists in Event Viewer (#406)
                 FIX: Uncrowd backtests view when opened from mobile (#409)
        v2.10.2: ENH: Sale banner
        v2.10.1: FIX: Use day resolution while evaluating ReentryDays (#404)
        v2.10.0: ENH: Add UpdateVarsAdjustment (#394)
                 ENH: Add Description field (#403)
                 ENH: Increase MaxPositionsInFlight limit to 12 (#402)
                 ENH: Add Position PnL column to Event Viewer (#401)
                 ENH: Enable concurrency in intraday runs (#400)
                 PERF: Improve access of underlying prices (#399)
                 PERF: Improve access of option quotes (#398)
                 ENH: Respect user defined order in VarDefines (#397)
                 ENH: Add VarDefines to Exit (#396)
                 ENH: Convert SimSettings fields to Statements (#393)
                 ENH: Convert Entry.ReentryDays to Statement (#392)
                 ENH: Move Concurrency to use Statements (#391)
                 ENH: Convert StrikeSelector Min and Max to Statement (#389)
                 ENH: Use Statements in all Schedules (#388)
                 ENH: Use separate axes for benchmark in normal return view
                 ENH: Linear return graphs
                 FIX: Do not report error when Qty=0
                 FIX: Lower case variables in DataVoyager (#395)
        v2.9.20: ENH: Enable 0 Qty on entry (#383)
                 FIX: Settlement price in ONE export (#382)
                 FIX: Use correct email address in crash footer (#385)
                 FIX: Use AdjustmentAborted event in Adjustments (#384)
        v2.9.19: ENH: Support link to NavBar (#381)
                 FIX: Settlement for pre-2015 expirations which preceeded by market holiday (#380)
        v2.9.18: FIX: Correct settlement prices for pre-2015 Saturday expirations (#378)
        v2.9.17: ENH: Convert Cash to Statement (#374)
                 ENH: Convert Expiration Min and Max to Statement (#376)
                 FIX: Update QtyMultiplier Variables before AbortCondition evaluation (#375)
                 MAINT: Upgrade blazor (#376)
        v2.9.16: ENH: Add [SPX-Strangle-Compounding] built-in template (#373)
                 ENH: ExitTrade Event on Settlement (#372)
                 ENH: Convert Adjustment.MaxAdjustmentCount to Statement (#371)
                 FIX: Variable leg_legname_dte off by one  (#370)
        v2.9.15: ENH: VarDefines in Adjustments (#363)
                 ENH: Convert Exit.MaxDaysInTrade to Statement (#364)
                 ENH: Always show JSON in JobEditor (#366)
                 FIX: Do not charge commission for OTM crypto option settlement (#365)
                 FIX: Expose variables to MaxDaysInTrade validator (#367)
                 FIX: Respect QtyMultiplier in AddLegsAdjustment (#368)
                 MAINT: Streamline Variable Definitions (#369)
        v2.9.14: FIX: Deribit trade commission (#361)
        v2.9.13: FIX: Deribit settlement commission (#360)
        v2.9.12: FIX: Evaluate QtyMultiplier before AbortConditions (#358)
                 FIX: Early closes for period: 2023-2025 (#357)
        v2.9.11: ENH: Show Loading... during DataVoyager init (#356)
                 FIX: Use correct data in Analyze tab after selecting new backtest (#355)
        v2.9.10: ENH: Analytics using DataVoyager (beta) (#354)
        v2.9.9:  ENH: Add initial_cash variable (#353)
                 FIX: Use Close prices in PM Settled options (SPXW, RUTW) (#352)
        v2.9.8:  FIX: Avoid division by 0 in SuperBull-Relaxed
        v2.9.7:  FIX: Disallow entries with Qty=0 (#351)
                 FIX: Settlement ID was the next free available, not the actual (regression) (#350)
        v2.9.6:  ENH: Multiple Plan support (#349)
                 MAINT: Remove Sale Banner (#348)
                 ENH: Enable Advanced and Standard plans (#347)
        v2.9.5:  ENH: Add QtyMultiplier to Entry (#344)
                 ENH: Scale SuperBull based on Max Loss (#345)
                 ENH: Add SuperBull-Relaxed strategy (#346)
        v2.9.4:  FIX: Use the user defined Expiration in MoveLegAdjustment (#343)
        v2.9.3:  ENH: July Sale (#338)
        v2.9.2:  FIX: Invert risk/reward calculation in SuperBull (#342)
        v2.9.1:  FIX: Use only SPX contracts in SuperBull (#341)
        v2.9.0:  ENH: Complex StrikeSelector (#334)
                 ENH: Multiple constraints in Complex Selector (#335)
                 ENH: Add Volatility Hedged ThetaEngine (#336)
                 ENH: Add SuperBull by John Locke as template (#339)
                 ENH: Support Box Spreads in Margin Calculation (#328)
                 FIX: Use official Settlement Prices in AM and PM settled options (#333)
                 FIX: Add ExternalVars to Structure/StrikeSelector validator (#337)
                 FIX: Division by 0 in Margin Report (#340)
        v2.8.6:  ENH: Add minutes_after_open and minutes_before_close variables (#331)
                 FIX: VIX Settlement prices (#330)
                 FIX: Reported NAV and Count in Settlement Events (#311) (#332)
                 MAINT: More robust data ingest
        v2.8.5:  FIX: Enable VIX settlement using index prices.
        v2.8.4:  FIX: Enable runs for new plans
        v2.8.3:  ENH: Update pricing table with upcoming Advanced plan (#327)
        v2.8.2:  FIX: Error out during VIX settlement to avoid false price
        v2.8.1:  FIX: Calculate return on margin for settled positions
        v2.8.0:  ENH: Add VIX Index (#324)
                 ENH: Reg-T Margin support (#307)
                 ENH: Remove outdated waring about MaxDaysInTrade (#325)
                 FIX: Propagate indicator names to all ScriptEngine validators (#326)
        v2.7.0:  ENH: Add Russell-2000 (RUT) Index (#316)
                 ENH: Add Legs Adjustment (#297)
                 ENH: LegSelectionConstraint: None (#315)
                 ENH: Add expirations to MoveLegAdjustment (#318)
                 ENH: Upgrade Job Definition when cloned and via Upgrade action in Templates (#320)
                 FIX: do not trade when not all contract prices are available (#317)
                 FIX: Enable all symbols for the Free plan (#319)
                 FIX: Enable buttons for guest in JobEditor
                 FIX: Correct Position ID in OptionNet Explorer export for the last settled leg
        v2.6.12: Revert FIX: Reported NAV and Count in Settlement Events (#311)
        v2.6.11: FIX: Do not yield next days bars in Deribit2CBOE converter
                 ENH: Add OptionNet Explorer deals (#313)
                 ENH: force flag in load-underlying-prices cmd (#312)
                 FIX: Reported NAV and Count in Settlement Events (#311)
        v2.6.10: FIX: Re-add crypto ingest download script (#308)
        v2.6.9:  ENH: Feature flags for RUT & VIX (#306)
                 ENH: Better representation of failed ingest jobs (#305)
                 ENH: Report ingest to slack and avoid repeated reingest (#304)
                 FIX: Correct filename at re-creation check
                 MAINT: Debug printout at file processing
        v2.6.8:  FIX: do not append to already ingested files (#303)
        v2.6.7:  ENH: Do not re-process all raw crypto files (#302)
        v2.6.6:  FIX: Multiple build contains multiple versions of dependant libs
        v2.6.5:  MAINT: Remove gomb dependency (#301)
        v2.6.4:  FIX: Full tearsheet broken due to pandas update (#300)
        v2.6.3:  MAINT: Remove link to April Sale -- sale ended (#299)
                 TST: Validate Sharpe in StrategyTests (#298)
                 FIX: Remove create idx_id from backtest_preferences (#295)
        v2.6.2:  ENH: Add link to April Sale (#296)
        v2.6.1:  ENH: LegSelectionConstraint to allow stepping on strikes from concurrent positions (#292)
        v2.6.0:  ENH: External Data from CSV (#280)
                 FIX: Report error when header is invalid in CSV
                 DOC: Better explain required CSV format
        v2.5.4:  FIX: Expiration DTE Variable was not present in validator (#293)
                 MAINT: Remove the original Space Trip Trade from planned strategies
        v2.5.3:  ENH: Data access and ingest optimizations (prepare for RUT) (#284)
                 FIX: Stripe state change fix (#291)
        v2.5.2:  FIX: Order adjustments based on Statements' alphabetical order (#286)
                 FIX: Add missing pagetitles (#287)
                 ENH: Backtests, EventsViewer and NAV usability (#289)
                 FIX: MACD Lookback was too short (#290)
        v2.5.1:  FIX: SiteMap URL 
        v2.5.0:  ENH: Remove Leg Adjustment (#273)
                 ENH: Add historical volatility (#266)
                 ENH: Crypto graduates to Stable: Extend Templates with Crypto Strategies (#277)
                 FIX: Multi Adjustment: evaluate first, then execute (#279)
                 ENH: Add Deals page (#278)
                 FIX: Use db symbol when loading historical prices for HV
                 FIX: Rendering under chrome of variable list (#274)
                 FIX: Set Default Fill Model back to AtMidPrice (#281)
                 ENH: Revamp education pages (#283)
                 FIX: Calculate HV while loading the underlying
                 FIX: Do not fail in HV calculation when symbol is unknown
                 ENH: Load multiple underlyings (#285)
        v2.4.2:  MAINT: Include dirname in loaded file path (#272)
        v2.4.1:  ENH: Enable multiple adjustments
                 ENH: Show JobEditor in full height and restructure job run page (#271)
                 FIX: Filter in DataTables (#270)
                 ENH: Add Crypto backtest periods (#269)
                 ENH: Crypto portal preferences (#268)
                 ENH: Deribit Commissions (#254)
        v2.4.0:  ENH: Tidy up templates (#264)
                 ENH: Risk Graph (beta) in JobEditor (#261)
                 ENH: DataTable Persistence (#262)
                 ENH: Show featured runs (#260)
                 ENH: Relative expirations (#255)
                 ENH: Expiration.Roots.Include serves as a priority list for Expiration selection (#259)
                 ENH: Add priority to Expirations based on Root (#258)
                 ENH: Show Calendars in Simple Run's Risk Graph (#256)
        v2.3.9:  ENH: TearSheet (#252)
                 FIX: Greek precision to accomodate crypto instruments (#251)
                 ENH: BTC/ETH Index loader for Deribit (#250)
        v2.3.8:  ENH: Add root selector to expiration (#245)
                 ENH: Add Root with Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly to deribit converter (#246)
                 ENH: Use workDir and targetDir during crypto stream-ingest (#247)
                 ENH: Remove Leg and Underlying specific variables (#248)
                 MAINT: Show MesoSimVersion at backtest start in events
        v2.3.7:  FIX: RSI lookback days (#244)
                 ENH: Refresh education content: add blog posts
        v2.3.6:  FIX: Enable Sat and Sun for Crypto options
                 ENH: Enable different Entry/Adjustment/Exit schedules
                 ENH: Improve Schedule validators (multiply of 5)
                 FIX: Set start date for SPX to 9:35
        v2.3.5:  ENH: Underlying price loader (#243)
        v2.3.4:  FIX: Schedule full day when every set to 5min (#242)
                 FIX: DIT Printout in early close (#241)
                 ENH: Add symbols argument to the iv loader (#240)
        v2.3.3:  FIX: Missing update on Exit/Adjust when specific day is set at Entry (#239)
        v2.3.2:  MAINT: Remove Strike Selector known issue (fixed via crypto)
                 FIX: missing price fixes (re-add)
        v2.3.1:  ENH: Increase max leg count to 20 (#238)
        v2.3.0:  ENH: Crypto/Deribit support (#236)
        v2.2.9:  FIX: Support sub trials (2)
        v2.2.8:  FIX: Support sub trials
        v2.2.7:  FIX: Trial only applicable for yearly subs
        v2.2.6:  ENH: Free trial till end of year
        v2.2.5:  FIX: Use UrlService instead of cookie based service selection
        v2.2.4:  FIX: Add TradeId to TradeStats
        v2.2.3:  FIX: Represent trade IDs in five digits at OptionNet Explorer export
        v2.2.2:  MAINT: Bump metrics collection libs to latest (#231)
        v2.2.1:  ENH: Add Upgrade now menu item
        v2.2.0:  ENH: Simple run interface (#223)
                 ENH: Risk graph (#222)
                 ENH: Show pricing page when logged out
                 FIX: 25 free runs per user
        v2.1.8:  DOC: Add link to blog 
        v2.1.7:  MAINT: Reduce minimum required cash from $10k to $1k (#226)
        v2.1.6:  FIX: Exception after successful subscription (#224)
        v2.1.5:  MAINT: Remove index page (#219)
                 MAINT: Update OpenTelemetry (#218)
        v2.1.4:  MAINT: Analytics related changes (#214 & #217)
        v2.1.3:  FIX: Missing data related changes (#212)
                 ENH: Improve backtest layout on mobile devices (#210)
        v2.1.2:  ENH: Mobile friendly backtests page (#208)
                 FIX: Theta Engine reduced to 4x parallelism to work with 10k portfolio (#209)
        v2.1.1:  ENH: Mobile UI improvements (#205)
                 FIX: Validation errors related to LegName and ExpName (#206)
                 FIX: Use full timestamps in NAV csv export (#207)
        v2.1.0:  ENH: Event log exporter (#195)
                 ENH: Allow viewing shared backtests without logging in (#194)
                 ENH: Guest view improvements (#196)
                 FIX: Theta Engine using David Sun's modeling (#200)
                 FIX: PosInFlight was not added to validator (#199)
                 FIX: Log price calculation when prices are consequtively negative (#198)
                 FIX: Expiry in OptionNet Explorer export for non-us customers (#197)
        v2.0.6:  FIX: Log return calculation when 0 present (#184)
                 ENH: Ability to use the leg's properties in the leg's qty calculation [ThetaEngine] (#183)
                 FIX: Do not fail if no trades are made (#182)
        v2.0.5:  FIX: transform common metrics csv to new format (#181)
        v2.0.4:  FIX: migrate failed/partially completed jobs (#180)
        v2.0.3:  ENH: backup, restore and migrate templates (#179)
        v2.0.2:  MAINT: Show Max Position in flight in backtest details (#176)
                 MAINT: variable cosmetics before golive with 2.0 (#177)
        v2.0.1:  DOC: Add help screen to job editor and template editor (#174)
        v2.0.0:  DOC: point to site (#172)
                 ENH: Limit the number of jobs in flight (#170)
                 ENH: Add equity curve CSV export feature (#167)
                 ENH: Add implied volatility variables (#166)
                 FIX: Liquidate when multiple days of data is missing (#165)
                 FIX: missing data handling (#160)
                 FIX: Win, Loss and Avg DIT calculation in stats
                 ENH: IV Rank and Pct calculation (#158)
                 ENH: Multiple positions in flight (#156)
                 ENH: Indicators (#154)
        v1.2.3:  ENH: Add days in trade as a variable (#153)
                 ENH: Add underlying_price as one of the columns to select in Events (#152)
        v1.2.2:  FIX: Sorting and filtering did not work for the event time, sim time and nav columns (#151)
                 FIX: Slack invite was out of date
        v1.2.1:  ENH: Entry.AbortConditions (#146)
                 FIX: Ignore missing vars when converting backtest analysis (#148)
        v1.1.13: FIX: Validate that Exit.MaxDIT is later than earliest expiration (#145)
                 ENH: Add free runs for free-tier users (#144)
        v1.1.12: FIX: Save new template from job, then hitting cancel freezes the UI
                 ENH: Add Slack link to NavBar
                 FIX: Collect Addresses at Stripe checkout
        v1.1.11: ENH: Evaluate VarDefs before TP and SL (#143)
                 FIX: DIT printout after first leg adjusted (#142)
                 ENH: Intra-Trade PnL charts (#141)
                 ENH: Add NAV to vars (#140)
        v1.1.10: ENH: Stripe integration
                 FIX: Division by 0 fix in LogReturn calculation
        v1.1.9:  ENH: Add educational resources
        v1.1.8:  MAINT: Metrics for created jobs
        v1.1.7:  ENH: Add high level trade counts and avg dit to main backtests table (#130)
        v1.1.6:  FIX: AdjustmentCnt was miscounted
                 FIX: Save immediately on Save As Template (#118)
        v1.1.5:  MAINT: Improve read-only access notification.
        v1.1.4:  ENH: Runtime metrics collection (#112)
        v1.1.3:  DOC: Add link to user guide (#113)
        v1.1.2:  ENH: Separate View and Execute privileges (#111)
        v1.1.1:  MAINT: Update changelog
        v1.1.0:  ENH: Add time periods (#110)
                 ENH: OptionType and FillModel represented as string (#109) -- Backward incompatible change
                 MAINT: Move ProfitTarget and StopLoss under Exit (#108) -- Backward incompatible change
                 ENH: Include today open & prevday close underlying prices (#107)
                 ENH: Gravatar (#106)
        v1.0.13: FIX: Running PnL calculation during exit (#105)
                 FIX: Sharing switch position
                 FIX: Race condition during db calls (#103)
                 FIX: Ability to clone shared backtest (#102)
        v1.0.12: FIX: Derive DisplayName from FirstName+LastName
        v1.0.11: ENH: Daily ingest (#100)
                 MAINT: Add health check endpoints to api & portal (#101)
        v1.0.10: ENH: Site agreements dialog (#99)
                 ENH: Show settlement price & time (#99) 
                 MAINT: Disable Event Time in BacktestEventViewer by default
        v1.0.9: ENH: Strangle as Sample Job (#98)
                ENH: Modernize backtest action buttons (#97)
                ENH: Finalize Site related contents (#96)
        v1.0.8: ENH: Backtest delete, share & save as template (#95)
        v1.0.7: FIX: Render smaller, bigger, etc. characters correctly in json objects
                FIX: Emptiness check after strike exclusion
        v1.0.6: ENH: structure info in details (#93)
        v1.0.5: ENH: Settlement in OptionNet Explorer export (#91)
        v1.0.4: FIX: Imports should return UTC timed entries (#90)
        v1.0.3: FIX: User template name restrictions (#89)
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